Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) Full Service

Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) model has the potential to improve subject accessibility and convenience, enhance the
quality and efficiency of clinical study, optimise the allocation of healthcare resources and reduce study cost.


Quick search:
Users can search by study drug, tumour classification, study phase, study investigator, project name to quickly search for clinical studies and view project details
Smart matching:
Users can enter the disease information and the system will intelligently match and recommend the suitable clinical study
Online consultation:
Users can initiate an online consultation with a professional doctor to obtain professional information feedback
Project registration:
Users can submit project registration materials online for their intended projects, which will be reviewed online by professional clinical investigators, and the off-line follow-up process will be seamlessly connected to the subjects who meet the preliminary screening conditions


High convenience:
e-Visit system is designed based on WeChat portal, no need to download APP
High data quality:
Real-time data page quality control and three-level reminder function to ensure data quality
Easy Interaction:
The system effectively links subjects, CRC, and invetigators to facilitate the interactive communication according to the project progress, realizing comprehensive information synchronization and online management throughout the entire process
Good experience:
e-Visit is easy to use and equipped with clear task management, integrated AI image and voice recognition. The system can complete various out-of-hospital data collection requirements such as subject logs, medication logs, discomfort records, scale questionnaires, smart wearables, etc.

- Integration of DCT Service System with Multi-channels -

Trial Data has pioneered clinical study projects in China with DCT model and has accumulated a wealth of practical experience.
Trial Data has built a subject-centered service system to achieve seamless connection between onsite and offsite,
completely break the time and space constraints of clinical study.