Trial Data DP
Data Platform

Trial Data APP

Trial Data APP can upload source data to trial Data EDC. It has masking function to effectively ensure the privacy information security of the subjects. At the same time, the mobile APP can support online randomization and data entry.
  • Source Data Collection

    Ensure data accuracy, and can be viewed at any time. Improve work efficiency and convenience.
  • Randomization

    Investigators can open the mobile APP to complete randomization without time and space limitation.
  • Quick Data Entry

    Quick data entry through mobile APP

Trial Data IWRS

Trial Data IWRS system can effectively manage the random distribution of drugs in multi-center clinical studies, and solve the problems of different progress of sub-sites across regions, expiration or surplus of drugs, and other issues. Investigators in different geographic locations can conduct subject enrollment, randomization, drug distribution and emergency unblinding operations at any time.
  • Multi-systems Seamless Connection

    Supports two-way operation of mobile terminal and computer terminal, which is efficient and convenient. Multiple systems are seamlessly connected to meet the needs of one-stop clinical study.
  • Blind Distriubtion

    To meet the management and dispensing requirements of blind projects, it can realize the dynamic management of drugs and reduce drug loss.
  • Intelligent Inventory Management

    Intelligent inventory management and remaining shelf-life reminders to ensure efficient project operation.
  • Unblinding Online

    Safe and reliable online drug unblind management.

Trial Data EDC

  • Efficient
    Modular and quick eCRF set-up, rich template library
    Support CDASH set-up
    Support multi-field, multi-visit edit check
    The system automatically checks before project launch
  • Intelligent
    Support edit check rules configuration and lists cross-check no programming is required
    Support cross-visit and cross-page verification
    Support multi-field compound logic comparison
    Support edit check replication
    Diversified ways of queries reminder
  • Convenient
    Soure deta-privacy processing, support remote monitoring
    Mobile portal entry
    OCR intelligent entry
    Mobile portal randomization
    One-time data entry, shared across the platform
  • Professional
    21 CFR part 11 International Standard
    GAMP5 system Verification Standard
    CDISC Professional Member
    IS027001 Information Security Management Certification
    WHO-UMC International Certified Supplier
    National Three-level Security Certification

Trial Data ePRO

  • Follow-up Reminder

    Avoid the omission of human reasons
    To reduce the rate of loss of subjects to
  • Automatic Push Questionnaire

    Subjects fill in online, support
    subjects to fill in discomfort
    records, etc., to reduce the lack of
    key information for follow-up
  • WeChat Interaction between
    Investigators and Subjects

    Subjects perceive investigator's
    Improve subject compliance
  • Phone Recording

    Provide real, reliable and
    high-quality data sources
    Perform quality control checks at
    any time

Trial Data ERM Intelligent Risk Management System

Trial Data ERM can ensure that clients follow ICH-GCP GCP requirements and implement risk-based monitoring in projects;
Based on regulatory requirements and industry international standards, Trial Data quantifies and presents project risks through statistical algorithms, facilitating real-time monitoring and effective intervention by the project team.
  • Risk Monitoring

    Analyze large quantity of data points to identify project risks Automatic output of risk level, targeted countermeasures Assist project management in real-time understanding of key project risks
  • Dynamic Monitoring

    Project monitoring can be dynamically adjusted based on risk level Automatically generate monitoring plans according to risk level and priority It is convenient to improve the efficiency of CRA and help improve the quality of projects
  • Performance Management

    Performance appraisal based on role Query the performance of CRA/PM User can filter the site to understand the past situation in project operation

Trial Data Medical Coding

Support medical-related dictionaries such as MedDRA, WHODrug, multiple search methods, batch coding and batch review, maintenance of thesaurus and query thesaurus, and coding within projects; support one-click upload of official dictionaries, assign permissions by project, automatic coding and manual coding Combine. The information system solves the problems of cumbersome manual coding process and inconsistency before and after coding, and also avoids possible mistakes in manual coding, effectively improving the efficiency and quality of coding work.
  • Support different therapeutic areas, different thesaurus dictionaries
  • Support different projects/sponsors to set the specified encoding path dictionary
  • Support for the same verbatim term summary encoding across multiple projects
  • Support account permissions according to project management
  • Supports automatic synchronization with all source systems

Trial Data STAT

The intelligent online statistical expert developed by us through the R language can complete statistical analysis online in real time without data export or statistical expertise, generate professional statistical charts and support online chart editing functions. Contains general description, univariate analysis, comparison, multivariate analysis, survival analysis, etc.