Trial Data DP
Data Platform

Trial Data ERM Intelligent Risk Management System

Trial Data ERM can ensure that clients follow ICH-GCP GCP requirements and implement risk-based monitoring in projects
Based on regulatory requirements and industry international standards, Trial Data quantifies and presents project risks through statistical algorithms, facilitating real-time monitoring and effective intervention by the project team.
  • Risk Monitoring

    Analyze large quantity of data points to identify project risks Automatic output of risk level, targeted countermeasures Assist project management in real-time understanding of key project risks
  • Dynamic Monitoring

    Project monitoring can be dynamically adjusted based on risk level Automatically generate monitoring plans according to risk level and priority It is convenient to improve the efficiency of CRA and help improve the quality of projects
  • Performance Management

    Performance appraisal based on role Query the performance of CRA/PM User can filter the site to understand the past situation in project operation