Clinical Study Patient Recruitment
Trial Data cooperates with the National Cancer Center to provide cancer patients with authoritative and professional tumor clinical trial project inquiry, consultation and registration support.Effectively improve the efficiency of patient recruitment for tumor clinical study projects and accelerate the clinical study process.
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  • Online
    Recruitment Mode

    The recruitment of Trial Data tumor clinical trial subjects is an online recruitment model for a wide range of subjects. Through real trial information, real invetigators, and real consultations, it completely breaks the problem of information asymmetry and effectively accelerate patient enrollment.
  • Professional Physicians
    Online Q&A

    The invetigators of the National Cancer Center provide professional online Q&A to eliminate false propaganda and improve the trust of subjects.
  • AI Preliminary Screening
    + Physician Review

    Efficiently screen subjects through the intelligent matching function of clinical trials, reduce physition workload, and improve the efficiency of project enrollment and screening.

Subject Recruitment Process