Trial Data DP
Data Platform

Trial Data IWRS

Trial Data IWRS system can effectively manage the random distribution of drugs in multi-center clinical studies, and solve the problems of different progress of sub-sites across regions, expiration or surplus of drugs, and other issues. Investigators in different geographic locations can conduct subject enrollment, randomization, drug distribution and emergency unblinding operations at any time.
  • Multi-systems Seamless Connection

    Supports two-way operation of mobile terminal and computer terminal, which is efficient and convenient. Multiple systems are seamlessly connected to meet the needs of one-stop clinical study.
  • Blind Distriubtion

    To meet the management and dispensing requirements of blind projects, it can realize the dynamic management of drugs and reduce drug loss.
  • Intelligent Inventory Management

    Intelligent inventory management and remaining shelf-life reminders to ensure efficient project operation.
  • Unblinding Online

    Safe and reliable online drug unblind management.