Trial Data OS


High Convenience:
e-Visit system is designed based on WeChat portal, no need to download APP
High Data Quality:
Real-time data page quality control and three-level reminder function to ensure data quality
Easy Interaction:
The system effectively links subjects, CRC, and invetigators to facilitate the interactive communication according to the project progress, realizing comprehensive information synchronization and online management throughout the entire process
Good Experience:
e-Visit is easy to use and equipped with clear task management, integrated AI image and voice recognition. The system can complete various out-of-hospital data collection requirements such as subject logs, medication logs, discomfort records, scale questionnaires, smart wearables, etc.
  • e-Visit out-of-hospital data collection system is based on mobile internet technology and enables the intelligent and efficient collection of out-of-hospital data from the subject's smartphone terminal.
  • Simple calendar-style task display and smart reminder function improve user experience.
  • Convenient online interactive features, progressive filling mode and game-based guidance to stimulate subjects' interest in participation and to improve compliance. Effectivly reduce subject dropout rate.